Streamlined Solutions for Seamless Emergency Services

Empowering Emergency Services and Maintaining Sustainability

Why Choose ESBC's Billing Tailored Solutions

We understand that each emergency service provider has unique requirements. Our billing solutions are not one-size-fits-all; they are meticulously crafted to address your specific challenges and goals. Whether you are a volunteer department, paid department, or fire protection district we can customize your billing solutions to fit your preferences.

Customized Billing:

Tailored To Your Preferences

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents,
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Structure Fires
  • Mutual Aid
  • Hazmat
  • False Alarms
  • Rescue

Department Funding:

Fueling Operational Excellence

Our services will help your department recover expenses incurred and potentially alleviate tax increases or reliance on community fundraising to keep your department running.